With Cantus Buranus Corvus Corax have devoted themselves to the most extensive and well-known medieval song collection 'Carmina Burana'. In contrast to the sound image of Corvus Corax, the players worked here with the support of a classical orchestra and a chorus. This is how a unique and outstanding work has been written orientated on the handwritten texts.

The fantasy epos 'The Dwarfs' by Markus Heitz - Live as reading with music on stage. With Markus Heitz' 'The Dwarfs' Johannes Steck, the magician of the voices, and Corvus Corax, the kings of the minstrels, venture into a new dimension. In a connection between reading, music concert and show, they tell the well-known fantasy epos as atmospheric-dense live performance: A journey into the world of myths and myths.

Roaring Twenties & Sound of the Streets in Berlin: That's Berlinski Beat. Seven musicians from Berlin with roots in four different countries. The Streets of Berlin are international; Berlinski Beat renew the Roaring Twenties alike with an international flair: Berlin classics with danceable rhythms, Balkan Beats and Mariachi music. No matter if you go out clubbing or just take a walk through the Streets of Berlin: Berlinski Beat let you experience the feeling of bygone 20ies.