Brazil, we are coming!

With great pleasure we can announce you: We play in Brazil!
On April 15, 2018, we will perform at the Folk Fair 2018 in Sao Paolo at the Fabrique Club.
Further information can be found here: Tickets

Die Zwerge LIVE 2017

On 15 April 2017 you can experience it again: Capitol Theater, Düsseldorf. Johannes Steck, the magician of the voices, will perform with us the successful fantasy tale DIE ZWERGE (the dwarves) by Markus Heitz on the stage!

In a combination of reading, concert and show we let the amiable and wonderful crazy characters come to life and take you - guided by our Ars Mystica tour - into this uniquely wonderful and fantastic world.

Save your ticket now: ticket link.

P.S .: By the way, we have published the first dates of our summer season ... see more details: Dates.

New band's line-up - Part 2: Frick

Attention! Attention! Beloved listeners! Last week we told you the farewell of two minstrellis. But we will stop talking in riddles immediately, beloved listeners. We now are passing our sacred secret on to you: here is the officially unofficial confession video of our new member Frick. Applause!


New band's line-up - Part 1

Dear fans, friends, lovers of medieval music and connoisseurs of cultural heritage,

In just over a month, our "Ars Mystica" tour starts in 2017. We will, of course, come up with a fine-tuned selection of our mystical songs and take you to another world as always.

Unfortunately we have to start this season with a bad news.
Steve the Machine and Pan Peter will leave us.
Of course you ask: why is this happening?

Touring is not always as romantic as you would imagine. If you sit for weeks on a bus - 24/7 next to each other - this also puts the best friendships on a hard trial. Yes, even here, there is a questionable scene of mutual displeasure, even mama and daddy argue with each other. Unfortunately, Pan and Steve have been hardened over the years. This has led to a growing lack of cooperation, notes have deteriorated, and the Directorate has invited us to discuss the school's achievements ...

Enough of joking. Unfortunately, the two have not been able to clear their differences and do not want to stand together on the stage anymore. You will, of course, have the opportunity to say goodbye to both at different concerts. Besides, the two are not leaving the world of stages, you know how the wheel of life turns and straight with us ... I squint waggishly at Wim ...

In any case, it was no easy decision - but it is so important to look into the future.
We wish both of them the best for their journey. The last note is not played.
Speaking of tone. We have a special musical and personal surprise for the tour.

More about this in the next days. This is 1 surprise fromg Greatness.
Corvus Corax first. It's really great. Trust me, I know Corvus Corax. It's great.

Jordon for Corvus Corax


Our new website is online!

After last year, our server fell victim to a hacker attack, unfortunately it took a while before we can enter the new virtual robe among the people. But what is going on for a long time will finally be a good one: Have fun on our new website! In the coming weeks many new content and functions will be added. So keep checking back again ...


Pre-Listening 'Curse of the Dragon'

We are looking forward to presenting you our new project on the evening of 15.12.2016: The "Curse of the Dragon" - a Fantastical. In the course of this evening, our current project will be presented to an audience of invited guests in the form of first studio recordings and a small live-reading. Story and text from the best-seller author Markus Heitz, the speaker is the all-known Johannes Steck and the music of Corvus Corax. With numerous guest musicians (including Saltatio Mortis, Last Instance, And then she came, u. V. M.), Impressive songs were recorded in the studio in the last months. They cover the musical cloak of the legendary tale. The musical among the fantasy stories: Our Fantastical "The Curse of the Dragon".


'The art of mystic': Ars Mystica

Good news for Corvus Corax fans in July 2016: The new record named ‘Ars Mystica’ presents a selection of songs of the last 27 years themed around myths, sagas and legends. In this way it is also appropiate as soundtrack for fantasy, online-gaming and roleplay-actions. Take a journey with Corvus Corax through different cultues, to furthest playces, beyond wildest dreams ...

‘Ars Mystica’ combines the different fortes of the extraordinary musicians from Berlin. On the one hand dulcet ballades with impressive chant and charming melodies like ‘Lá í mbeltane’, ‘Ballade de Mercy’ and ‘Qui nous demaine’. These songs create a unforgettable world of dreams. On the other hand heroic tunes and hymns ‘Mille Anni Passi Sunt’, ‘Sverker’, ‘Die Klage’ and ‘Is Nomine Vacans’ (known from the soundtrack of the computer game ‚Gothic 3’) tell tales of awesome heroes with epic percussions and solemn instrumentals: Each song of ‘Ars Mystica’ takes you away into the mind of mankind and the world soul.

One big highlight and special present is the medieval version of the ‚Game of Thrones’ main theme. Corvus Corax were invited to the filming of the pilot episode for performing, so they couldn’t imagine this ‚fantasy-record’ without a tribute to ‚Game of Thrones’.

For this compilation Corvus Corax achieved support from friends and companions, who are as taken in by mystic and fantasy as the minstrels: Anke aus Siebenbürgen with vocals, Julia Lindner with her baroque viola, Werner alias Tec as ‘magician of sounds’  und Oliver s. Tyr of ‘Faun’ to play the harp.